Dela Finn Blasts Volta MC’s

After gathering information from reliable sources and my representatives about the just ended #KeenyIceExplosionConcert2015, we give thanks to the Almighty for the crowd and Success. I have accepted the fact that many things went wrong but it’s part of the Journey to that better industry we are planning to build in our evergreen Region. I will like to be bold and point out some few mistakes I have recorded about the shows that took place in Volta throughout the year.

The success of an Event lies in the hands of the MC. The work of the MC is not for low minded individuals. You need to understand the concept of being a correct MC for an Event. Volta organizers always repeat this mistake of putting some Radio presenters on their shows who always ‘dawg’ the artistes that are billed for the Event and call people out of the crowd to come and dance or give freestyle on stage while up coming artistes are backstage begging to perform and by so doing, consuming time. My brother how can you be that wicked? This is wickedness because you are trying to ‘downgrade’ God given Talents. You are killing the Artistes in Volta.

The MC is in charge of the Show. You are the one supposed to boost the morale of artistes about to perform by hyping them before they step on stage. If my mind serves me right, these Mcs hype only the main Artistes before they perform. No we don’t Control events that way.

That is why Chris Attoh will forever remain My best Ghanaian MC of all time. C’mon VOLTA organizers, we have great and fluent talented Media guys all over the streets of Aflao, Akatsi, Ho, Sogakope whom I know can handle events for the Betterments of our Industry rather than going for Radio Presenters who are fighting for only their favorite Acts to perform.

Don’t be confused that a radio presenter always seats and talk through the waves without knowing whether people are listening to him or not and the MC faces and controls the crowd and the whole event. I am speaking according to the data I collected from the following events
√ Dzidzorkporkpor Night (Keta)
√ Gonami Turn Up Night (Agbozume)
√ Deza with Edem (Dzodze)
√ KeenyIceExplosionConcert2015 (Agbozume)

Stop killing the Talents Backstage and Stop calling people from the crowd to waste time on stage

Replace those Two by force Mcs in Volta. Thank You! #PublicEye

Source : Dela Finn

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