Meet Nigerian Based Singer “Frenzy”


Meet Frenzy


John Oluwafemi AKA Frenzy is a Nigerian recording artiste who was born on the 4th of April 1991 in Ibadan Olurunsogoin Lagos Nigeria to Parents Kolawole Ogungbenro and Aina Adeyemo.John Oluwafami AKA Frenzy had his Primary education at Victoria Memorial Primary and went on to continue his junior secondary education at Okeho Iganna grammar School and later school of Science Okeho which paved way for him to be admitted to University of Ibadan.


Frenzy had to drop out of university of Ibadan to become the sole bread winner for his family due to the financial hardships his mother Aina Adeyemo was facing.



In Frenzy’s quest to hold the wheels for his family he found himself working as an okada driver transporting people from one point to another for a two years period of time. Frenzy found himself fighting the law with regards to the regulations and rules set for Drivers to obey and abide to, this lead to Frenzy been imprisoned for three months at Agodi prison in Gates for breaking traffic rules and regulations.

In jail Frenzy had a lot to think about his future and life in general .He came to a decision to pursue his love for music and to put all his energy into music once he got out of Jail.



As a big fun of Fuji music Frenzy constantly listens to the one outstanding musician Saheed Osupa who inspires him and has being a big influence in his life from the use of word play to outstanding use of parables in deep rooted Yoruba slangs not forgetting the mass influence American rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z has on Frenzy all centered on the hardships Jay Z had to endure to become who is today.


Frenzy music reflects on his Street life , poverty, daily frustrations of life , the extreme downs and glorious ups of life , the act of being patient, the waiting game which promises less or more breakthroughs , the risk in pursuing ones goal , friendships, money, betrayal, women, Family life and  daily life experience.




John Oluwafemi AKA Frenzy aims at grooming young and upcoming talents and putting them on the world Map of Music through the establishment of his own record label Oluomo Records which stands for “the one”


John Oluwafemi prefers to have total control of his creativity with the music he creates constantly this is also expanded to anyone who will be affiliated with his record label. Frenzy believes any artist who has a total control of their creativity is bound to stand out and be exceptionally great and that is what he intends to achieve with his record label.


Frenzy has a total view with regards to politics and says “ I will contribute where the need arrives with my music. Hopefully I will be able to impact lives and inspire millions across the global”

My social commitment to the world as Frenzy is to put out a positive word and back it by my actions. There should be no reason for you not to achieve your dreams listen to my music for it speaks of self confidence, self love and self appreciation.



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